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Terms and Conditions

School Transport Terms and Conditions

It is essential that passengers behave in an appropriate manner whilst traveling on our services. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions and the Company reserves the right to refuse travel to any passenger who does not comply.

Payment Information

1.1          The fare is an annual sum, not a daily or weekly fare and it must be paid in advance of travel.

1.2          The cost of the whole year’s travel quoted is at a discounted rate our full tariff. The full cost is the single fare (X2 for return journeys) X 191 days.

1.3          Payment by direct debit is for the whole year’s transport and not for month-by-month transport and as such any cancellation will mean that you become liable for the remainder of the full year (see Cancellation/Refunds).

1.4          Direct Debit instalments will be collected monthly, over an 11-month period, by GO CARDLESS on our behalf.

1.5          Please note a credit reference agency may be used to confirm your address and credit status.

1.6          You are asked to allow 2 weeks for processing your initial Direct Debit application.

1.7          Advanced notice will be given to you by GO CARDLESS prior to taking the first Direct Debit payment from your account (normally 10 working days). The advanced notice informs you of the amount, date, and frequency of payment. Where there is any change, a new advanced notice will be issued.

1.8          The surcharge for failed Direct Debits is £20 which will be added to any outstanding balance.

1.9          Termly and Flexi passes are paid by Credit/Debit card, payment is also taken via the ShuttleID portal, via Stripe.


2.1          If you no longer require the annual boarding pass, you must provide a minimum pre ½ term notice, this must be sent to us by email to admin@regscoaches.co.uk otherwise we will continue to charge you. It is therefore important that you read the payment information.

2.2          The refunded amount for an annual pass will be calculated on the number of full terms remaining in the school year. An administration fee of £35.00 will apply.

2.3          No refunds will be given in the last term of the school year unless the cancellation notice is received prior to the commencement of the term for annual passes i.e. Before the Easter Holidays.

2.4          No refunds will be given to students who are excluded from the service (see section 4, Bus Travel Etiquette).

2.5          Termly and Flexi passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Boarding/Pass E-Ticket

3.1          Boarding passes/E-tickets will be sent direct to the parent via email after payment or direct debit has been set up.

3.2          Once your boarding pass has been received, your child can commence to use the service from the valid from date and until the expiry date of the pass.

3.3          Your child must only use the service allocated and must show the pass to the driver on every occasion or they may be refused access. NO TICKET – NO RIDE

3.4          Reg’s Coaches Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the Boarding Pass/E-ticket if false information is supplied, or payment is not received by the due date. In the event of any misuse of the Boarding Pass or if the child/ children do not conform to the relevant school’s Code of Conduct for School Transport.

3.5          There is no allowance for non-attendance, be it for sickness, holiday, school outing, work experience or exclusion from school.

3.6          There is no allowance for unplanned school closures if the school authorities close the school without prior notice to Reg’s Coaches Ltd. Planned non pupil days have been accounted for by Reg’s Coaches Ltd in reaching the annual and term fare prices.

Bus Travel Etiquette

4.1          Students are expected to behave in a reasonable manner when travelling on the bus. They must not distract the attention of the driver and remain seated unless they are using the standing capacity on a bus. They must not throw objects around in or out of the bus. They must not distract drivers of other vehicles. They must not use abusive or racist language. All students must use the seat belts fitted to our coaches.

4.2          In the event of continued disruption/misbehaviour, those responsible will be given a (STRIKE 1) verbal warning. Should the warning prove not to be sufficient, then a (STRIKE 2) written warning will be issued either by letter or email and sent directly to the parent/guardian and a 7-day ban will be applied. If this fails to resolve the issue, then the child/children will receive a (STRIKE 3) exclusion from the bus service permanently.

4.3          Any damage to the bus caused by any student will result in the immediate exclusion from the bus service and action to recover the cost of repair of the damage, replacement bus hire and any other costs will be taken.

4.4          It is not permitted to consume food or drink on the bus.

4.5          It is up to the students to ensure that all belongings are taken with them at the end of each journey. The Company accepts no responsibility for any items left on the bus.

Service Information

5.1          The service will operate throughout the school academic year and will follow school timetables where possible.

5.2          In the event of a bus failure, an alternative bus will be sought either from our fleet or from other local operators, whichever is available first. The journey will then be completed.

5.3          In the event of a bus failure or delay of any kind, you will be sent a notification via SMS text, so please make sure you register a mobile number when you enrol.

5.4          Students should be at their allocated pick-up points 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Bus Fare Tariff – Last updated August 2022

6.1          Annual passes will be paid by Direct Debit with an initial deposit, followed 10 monthly payments. Cost is dependent on route/zone.

6.2          Termly passes are to be paid in advance by debit or credit card. Cost is dependant on route/zone and the amount of school days in each term.

6.3          Flexi and Single passes may be purchased by debit or credit card. Flexi passes are to be used during the academic year in which they are purchased.

6.4          Buy your passes at https://regscoaches.co.uk/shop/

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